Here is my last model from university, this time just a white model. The top four images are the initial rough make with none of the detailing. When i came back to this model to add elements and improve upon what i originally created, the below three images show the final model after improvements.

This model represents the interior of a Spacestation from a future period in Earth history. Based on the 1990's film 'Lost in Space's' ship the Proteus's engine room corridor.

Here is my completely re-rendered Captains Cabin for the film 'Master and Commander'. A lot happier with the overall colouring of this model, with a better mahogany coloured wood and cream above the chair rail.

This model is also fully wired with working lanterns to add more detail.

This Model was created for my final major project in University. Designed for a Captain's Cabin for a redesign for a film called 'Master and Commander' is completely made from Balsa wood, including the detailing for the dado rails, chair rails and the beams.

This isn't the final model, as there are parts of this model i'm not at all happy with, especially the colour. See above for the final model.

Here are the final designs and models for a Light Entertainment project, even though the design didn't get the best reception, the models were very well received and the best i could manage in the time frame i had.

Each stage related to a different period of time, the 1960's is the Television Shop, 1970's the terraced houses decorated for the Jubilee and the 1980's a Newsagents.