This Gun prop was completely scratch built, with fully functioning lights in both the barrel of the gun, when the trigger is pulled. And a series of lights along both sides of the gun to show when the gun is powered.

This is designed for a redesign of the 1998 film 'Lost in Space'.  Below are included images of the construction process.

Here is a prop i made, as a very last minute edition to a project. This whole prop took me about 3 hours to completely make from odds and sods i had about the place.

Its an identity card for a future time in Britain to identify those of British Nationality and their age. 

This next series of props is a World War 1 letter from the front lines complete with photograph which has been photomanipulated to have the face of myself. 

These props are 1960's style kitchen cupboard items. All handmade from items used back then, these include things like Kellogg's selection boxes, Heinz soups, sauces and chocolate.