Here is one of my most recent 3D Computer models. This was entirely constructed on AutoCAD 2012 or my final major project at Uni. This shows the entire concept behind the engine room corridor and the scale.

This piece was in fact an add on once the project had concluded, we had the opportunity to improve our work and as well as many other parts i decided to improve upon the previous 3D model below.

This very simple model was created in Google Sketchup. I was never very pleased with it hence the above images of the improved model on more superior software.

Didn't really take that long to make but doesn't put forward my idea enough. 

This 3D Model was created using a mix of two systems, Vectorworks and  a Rendering Software called Cinema 4D. This showed off my idea of a futuristic gun for a remake of the 1998 film 'Lost in Space'.

Mkaing this 3D Model really helped in the long run for colour combinations, sizes and ironing out any flaws. As well as making a 1:1 elevations and sections which would be the basis of the actual prop.